General terms and conditions of sale


All orders imply the acceptance of the present conditions of sale, whatever the clauses that may appear on the buyer’s documents, unless special agreements have been accepted in writing.
The information given in the catalogues, price lists or other documents is for information only, and changes may be made at any time and without notice according to the evolution of techniques and standards.


Our prices are net prices excluding tax, all discounts deducted, equipment removed from the showroom.
Any request for delivery outside our showroom will be subject to prior agreement and may be subject to costs incurred.


Except special conditions
No deposit is required to take an order.


Delivery times are given as an indication of 24 or 48 hours depending on the products and excluding special orders, and in all cases subject to the delivery times of our suppliers. Some orders may contain delivery charges.


In all cases, our goods travel at the recipient’s risk. It is up to the recipient to check the good condition of the shipments on arrival, and to exercise all recourse against our company in accordance with articles 105 and following of the French Commercial Code. We will not accept any claim if it reaches us more than 8 days after receipt of the goods.


Ownership of the goods sold will only be transferred to the buyer once full payment of the price has been made. However, the burden of the risks of deterioration, loss or theft of the goods will be transferred to the purchaser upon delivery and if the product is out of warranty.
In the event of settlement or judicial liquidation of the buyer, the seller will have the right to claim ownership of the goods sold, in accordance with the provisions of the law of 10 May 1980, amending article 59 of the law of 13 July 1967, within four months from the publication of the judgment opening the settlement or judicial liquidation procedure.
The purchaser shall refrain from reselling or processing the goods sold until full payment of the order price.
The price of the supply is payable on delivery and without discount on the day of receipt of the invoice and at the place of issue of the invoice, even if the execution of the order has given rise to a complaint or dispute.
If payment terms have been agreed, they must be made on the agreed terms and due dates. If on one of the due dates the customer has not made the required payment, the balance of the cost price becomes immediately and automatically payable in full, as do all subsequent claims.
The non-payment of invoices on the agreed due date automatically entails, at the expense of the buyer, a compensation fixed, as a penalty clause in accordance with article 1226 of the Civil Code, at 15% of the invoices unpaid on their due date, without prejudice to any claims that may be made by the courts pursuant to article 700 of the NCPC.


The customer may not claim compensation for any reason whatsoever, in particular in the event of accidents to persons, damage to property distinct from the object of the present conditions or loss of profit.


In the event of a dispute relating to the interpretation or execution of the contract, by express agreement, jurisdiction is attributed to the Commercial Court of CANNES, regardless of the conditions of sale and methods of payment accepted, even in the event of an appeal in warranty or plurality of defendants.


In all cases, no material will be taken back without the express agreement of the management.
1. 1) Return of new equipment for :
o – No allowance if delivery error on our part
o – 15% discount if invoicing less than 3 months
o – 30% discount if invoicing between 3 and 6 months
o – 50% discount if invoicing between 6 months and one year.
o – No trade-in if invoicing for more than one year.
o – The equipment must be new and in its original packaging. If not, a discount will be applied.
applied corresponding to the costs of restoring the original condition.
The credit note will be established on the basis of our return agreement after checking the material.
2. 2) Return of material after-sales service under guarantee :
Our products benefit from the guarantee granted by our suppliers, and as such are subject to their general conditions of sale. The guarantee only covers defects that have manifested themselves during this period and cannot be extended. Our products are recognised under guarantee on condition that they have been connected and used in full compliance with the instructions for use.
After inspection, the products will either be repaired and returned to the customer or replaced by an equivalent new product.
3. 3) Return of after-sales equipment outside the guarantee:
The products will be the subject of a repair estimate with the repair time.
If the estimate is accepted, it must be confirmed by an order. If it is refused, the customer may request the return of the product at his own expense in the same condition. If there is no response within 1 month, the estimate will be classified and the product destroyed.
If the product cannot be repaired, the customer will be notified and the product will be destroyed or returned in the same condition, at the customer’s expense, if the customer so requests.

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